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A Quiet Evening

It's actually quite nice out this evening. I am sitting on my front porch, feeling the breeze, listening to the birds, surrounding by my flowers and taking in their sweet scents. More than once I've seen hummingbirds at the birdfeeder I have out for them and right now I am watching a cardinal move up and down branches in my neighbor's tree. Someone is clearly visiting me this evening, as I feel someone at peace at the moment. There are kids playing in the street, riding up and down on bikes or their big wheels, waving and just so happy to be outside. The innocence of it all, makes you wonder when kids stopped being innocent. When they become teenagers, their whole focus seems to shift, it's all about the opposite sex. I honestly don't remember being that way when I was in school, I was focused on Softball and getting a scholarship (which didn't turn out the way I had hoped). At least I can say that both of my kids seem to be gravitating more towards sports, with everything else coming in a close second. My son will be doing about 20 hours of football camp and trainings this summer, he's excited, but already exhausted from it. My daughter wants to focus on volleyball this summer, and skating. At least they will be occupied and happy, which is most important, and they get to be kids while doing it, which is equally, if not more, important. I fell that with my kids, they deserve to be a kid more than most, they both have had to grow up faster than I had hoped. The joys and sorrows of being a single parent, I guess.

I have been deep in thought for the better part of a week, I've honestly been getting lost in my thoughts a lot lately. I don't feel like that's a bad thing, not all the time. There are, of course, times where that can be a not so good thing. I have to make sure that I have things in place to not stay in those thoughts, or I'll be lost in them.

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