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Broken Pieces

I am not sure where to begin,

I don't know what to say.

Hearts that should be mending together,

Have pushed each other away.

Broken souls lashed out,

While broken hearts cried,

The sound of ultimate suffering,

Consumed all those nearby.

Hurtful words were spoken,

By hearts that were broken.

Will distance and time be enough

To mend all that was broken?

Maybe space is best,

Perhaps time will heal,

But our hearts will mend apart,

And will be forever more.

Forever grateful for your presence,

You made my life feel whole.

Forever grateful for your love,

You made my heart beat just a little more.

I am forever grateful for you,

Forever you will always have,

A piece of my soul,

And forever a piece of my heart.

Saying goodbye is never easy,

We've done that once before.

But we came back together,

Only to say goodbye once more.

Perhaps this is our end,

Where we close the book for good.

I'll place it on a shelf,

To keep it safe from harm.

Space and time, they say, will heal,

The broken pieces of our hearts.

I hope to one day gaze upon our book,

So I can feel my heart smile once more.

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Beautifully written ❤️

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