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Darkness surrounds

It all but consumes me.

The emptiness is intense.

Like a void in deep space.

It whispers in my ear,

Like a lover long lost,

Enticing me to accept,

All that it has to offer.

I close my eyes and whisper

“I’m scared of the dark.”

Darkness whispers back

“The dark is where true love lies, where all your hearts desires await.

Take my hand, and let me guide you to everything you’ve ever wanted.”

My heart pounds heavily in my chest.

I close my eyes as tears roll down my cheeks as darkness whispers,

“Take my hand, and all you’ve ever desired, all you’ve ever wanted is yours.”

On shaky legs, I take a step

But I can only go so far.

I open my eyes as tears continue to fall

“This is tearing me apart; I can only take so much.”

Darkness grins, sly and sleek

“Take my hand and end the torment.

Take my hand and take all you’ve ever wanted.”

Darkness surrounds me.

It all but consumes me.

I stare into the dark abyss,

And jump…

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