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My Awakening

The idea of doing a blog literally came out of nowhere. Well, that's not entirely true. I was listening to an Audible from Nora Roberts titled "The Awakening" and the idea struck me as something I could do. I am only a few chapters into this book, and so far, its awakening something inside of me. I have never done something like this, and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea if this will even kick off or flop. In the book, the main female character travels to Ireland with her best friend who convinces her to write a blog of her adventures and something inside her, "awakens" (I am still listening to this book, and I absolutely love it!). I guess something similar happened to me, with the idea of doing this blog.

The Act of Coping can be anything really, for me, I am not even sure where to begin. We usually associate coping with negative behaviors, but we rarely discuss positive coping. The world seems to be fascinated with the negativity surrounding mental health and coping mechanisms. When in reality, it is something everyone, in some form or fashion, deals with. The world is evolving, a lot faster it seems than most realize or want, but the stigmas remain. Everyone talks about how we must make taking care of our mental health "normal", like taking care of our physical health; but it's still all talk. The stigma remains.

So, how do we cope with the stigma of "mental health is bad" hanging over our heads? For everyone, this is different, no two people cope the same, and if they do, is it really and truly coping? Or is it copying? And if we are coping, is it the right coping mechanism? How do you know if it is? Is writing this blog a good coping mechanism for me? That is a scary thought, because, what if I fail at it? Do I stop myself before I get started? What if... what if... what if... There are so many what ifs in our everyday life, why should how we choose to cope be one of them?

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