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Saved by Hope

Complex emotions rush to the surface, Dragging you to the deep, Struggling to stay afloat, While waves crash around you. Barely breathing, Barely hanging on, The sun begins its descent, Like saying goodbye to lost love. Exhaustion starts to consume, You've all but given up, When the moon rises full and bright, Hope extends its hand. A vulnerable heart speaks truth, While a broken heart cries out, Words spoken with truth and feeling, Filled with pain and love. A heart longing for love, Shielded by pain and guilt, Is forgiven with promise, Of acceptance and chance. The moon shines bright, Illuminating the heart. Showing scars that run deep, Scars that are filled with tears. The promise of hope begins to heal, And wipes away the tears, But exhaustion holds strong, And eyes begin to close. Struggling to remain afloat, Hope struggles to hold on, Trauma creeps in, And starts weighing you down. Demons reach out, And grab ahold, You're losing your grip, Hope struggles to hold on.

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